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Why do Termites Like Sentricon?

Let’s talk termites! This blog will be a place to discover more about these pests and the protection offered by the Sentricon® System. First up: some facts about termites and why they think Sentricon is so tasty.

Much like ancient empires, termite colonies are organized into a caste system from which there is no chance of advancement unless you’re the lucky female that’s the queen, who (along with the king) established the colony and therefore rules the roost. The lowest rung of the termite totem pole is occupied by the workers, who are also the most numerous members of a colony. Why so many lowly workers? They’re the ones responsible for rustling up the cellulose that feeds the entire colony. Without the worker, the colony can’t survive.

Termite Caste 22-04-28

The caste system helps the colony function as a collective cellulose-eating machine. 

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