What Do the Queens of the Castle Think About the Sentricon® System?

The queen may be the heart of the termite colony, but a female homeowner puts her heart and soul into her home. If these two lock horns, who’s going to reign supreme? For nearly twenty years, the Sentricon® System has protected homes just like yours. Here are some stories from the true “queens” of the castle—find out what they think about Sentricon and the Certified Sentricon Specialist™ that helps protect their investment!

Laura, Dallas, Texas

Laura from Dallas part 1

Laura and her family kept seeing termites after liquid spot treatments. She says, “Living in Texas, they say you’re always going to have termites. The spot treatments were not working, so I decided to try something else. The reason why I am confident with it is that in the first inspection, there were termites in the station. So to me, that means it is working.”

Lynda, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Laura from Virginia part 1

Lynda is a homeowner that juggles multiple condominium properties. After dealing with termites invading several of the units, she decided to have Sentricon installed. “Mostly with me it’s environmental. It’s the most non-invasive. Termites ended after Sentricon.” Lynda is also satisfied with her Certified Sentricon Specialist. “You wouldn’t continue the contract more and more and more with someone if they didn’t give perfect service.”

Cindy, Southlake, Texas

Cindy from Texas part 1

Cindy is a hardworking homeowner that doesn’t have time for termites. “I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and he [the Certified Sentricon Specialist] came to me and said that this worked, let’s do it…and that’s the way it went. It’s a system. It’s in there and it works. I trust [the technician] to take care of it and if there’s a problem, he will let me know.”

Natalie, Houma, Louisiana

Natalie from LA part 1

Natalie had Sentricon in her previous house. However, when she and her family moved to a different home, they found over $50,000 worth of damage. They immediately had the Sentricon® System installed on their new home after repairs. “It’s a proven system,” Natalie says. “It’s a sense of security you have knowing that it’s a great product and it’s covered and backed by reputable companies. We felt better the day we got Sentricon.”

Do you have a Sentricon success story to share? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or chat with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you’d like to learn more about Sentricon, visit our website and find a Certified Sentricon Specialist™ on our Find-A-Pro page.

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