Liquid or Bait? Watch our 3-D Video and Decide Which Method is Best

Our latest video goes 3-D with a termite colony. By going underground where termites live, you will get a feel for what termites want — to eat 24/7. See how the Sentricon® System works, and then learn about the differences between Sentricon and liquid treatments.

Subterranean termites that live in the soil are mother’s nature’s way of breaking down things like dead trees, yet they commonly invade homes like yours. Termites can’t tell the difference from the wood in your home from a dead tree. Your home might be your largest investment, but to a termite, it’s food!

Workers can forage for food nearly the length of a football field. Once food is found, they lay down a chemical trail of pheromones for others to follow. But even when a source is found, it’s the worker’s instinct to continue to search. So how do you protect your home and get peace of mind from this relentlessly foraging enemy? You have two options:



The objective of a liquid barrier is to create a continuous chemical barrier around the foundation of your home. When an individual termite comes into contact with the barrier, the termite dies. In order to apply an effective liquid barrier, it’s necessary to dig around your home’s foundation and in many cases, drill through concrete and brick to make the barrier continuous. This process takes several hours of preparation to apply potentially hundreds of gallons of termiticide. Even with this intense preparation, many things can obstruct the chemical barrier and limit the effectiveness of the liquid treatment, and a termite only requires 1/32nd of an inch to find their way through. Termites that contact the chemical barrier are killed, but liquid treatments degrade over time and aren’t designed to eliminate the colony, leaving your home vulnerable.


Versus Bait…

The Sentricon® System is a revolutionary product that uses the termite’s natural foraging instinct against them to eliminate their entire colony. Sentricon stations are professionally installed by a Certified Sentricon Specialist ™ and are strategically placed to be easily and quickly found by foraging termites. Remember, even when a food source has been found, the workers are constantly searching. And that constant search insures they will find a station. When they do, the workers distribute the bait into the hungry colony’s food supply. The bait is unknowingly passed from termite to termite. The workers die first and without workers, the rest of the colony cannot sustain itself. The entire colony is eliminated, including the queen. Sentricon offers around-the-clock protection from future colonies as well.

The termite colonies’ constant foraging makes liquid treatments vulnerable, but insures the success of the Sentricon® System. No digging, no structural drilling, just smart science. Sentricon is the only choice for true peace of mind and total termite colony elimination. Death to the termite queen, death to her colony, for good!


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