Swarm Season 2014—Reports From the Field

This year’s termite swarm season has been one for the record books. And thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, we’ve received lots of videos of termites and swarming. We thought we’d collect some of the best videos and show you what folks across the country have been experiencing this spring.



This video was taken by Amy Chapman, a sales rep for the Sentricon® System in the Southeast. Here’s how she tells the story behind this swarm: “I met a client today to look at a home with active termites in the basement. We spent time adding Recruit AG in the basement and when we went to leave, termites were swarming in the driveway.  We went searching for the source and found termites swarming out of two logs about 10 feet apart in the woods adjacent to her home.”



Shawn Varchetti, owner of D-Bug, Inc. in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, shot the video above. The termites entered the home through a window, and were in full swarm when the Certified Sentricon Specialist™ entered the basement. Luckily, Sentricon was installed and got to work right away.



Here’s an ugly reveal of what lies underneath old flooring during a recent home renovation! This video was sent in by Greg Sudholdt, a sales representative of the Sentricon® System. It occurred during swarm season in Louisiana. It’s a good reminder to let a pest professional thoroughly inspect your home—no matter its age—before you make any structural changes.



Want to see a swarm in action? This video was also sent in by Greg Sudholdt. That’s a new colony of Formosan termites on the move. Thanks to heavy rains and high humidity, Formosan swarms were plentiful in Louisiana and neighboring states this year.


Remember, if conditions are right, swarm season doesn’t stop with the end of spring. It can continue through the warmer months, too. The swarm lasts just a few minutes, so chances are better that you’ll see the wings they leave behind. Look for shed wings around windowsills, doors, heating vents, even bathtubs and sinks. Whether you see the swarm itself or the aftermath, it’s best to call a professional immediately. Better yet, why wait for the swarm? Your local Certified Sentricon Specialist can set you up with a termite protection program that will help prevent a termite problem.


®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow

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